Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patrick's day!

wow...it's amazing how i feel like i haven't blogged in a week and it's only been a few days. here's a quick catch up, wrap up....

sharon and i spent alone time together on sat., starting around 7am. i know doesn't seem like the optimum time for a date with your hunny but when you've got 4 kids...you take it when you can get it! started with breakfast at a fantastic little place in benicia...1st street cafe. go there...for sure. breakfast or lunch. they are wonderful! then we went into the city and walked around without having to be a security guard or a traffic cop....it was glorious! we bought some bath salt from two englishmen. :-) i can't wait to bath in my 'dragon's blood'. :-) it was the most manly scent they had. love it!

we got home and i proceeded to run a bunch of errends while sharon took care of a bunch of stuff at home. fast forward to the afternoon. i had told you last week about my good friends mother dying...and her funeral. well that was on saturday. super tough afternoon. i didn't know my friends mother very well, but it was clear by the legacy that she left through her children, her husband, and all her friends that she was indeed a special lady. as i stood in the back with sharon, listening to the touching stories and heart felt memories, i couldn't help but imagine my funeral. would others remember me with such fondness? would sharon? our kids? it an instant, every thing else became really small and unimportant...it was clear to me that the best thing you can do is leave a legacy of a life well lived. i hope i do that.

it seems like sunday and monday were a blur. one good thing was that we got to have st.patrick's day twice! for those of you that don't know....st.patrick's day is my favorite holiday. it is. my grandmother used to make corn beef and cabbage every year. after she died, sharon and i took up the call. tuesday we had an appointment in the evening that prevented us from our typical celebration...so we laid out the spread on monday. it was glorious! seriously. some of the best corn beef i have ever had. we got it from a local butcher shop. then today, i got to RE-celebrate at my favorite lunch place. it's always great when you can stretch fun stuff over several days. i highly recommend it.

ok...so that's it. here's a picture via iphone of the shenanigans....enojoy! i hope you had a great day. see you soon!


vsossaman said...

You all look so cute in your St Patrick's day stuff. I thought of you on Saturday, I'm glad you had some great times with some hard times.

Nicholle said...

What a great few days. I love how God uses sad things to show us special little messages.

Glad you had a good St. Patty's day. Michela told me that here in Chicago they die the river Green. Too funny.

Cheryl said...

Nothing like hard times to remind us of the really important things in life.... like St. Patricks Day =D ...seriously... like leaving a legacy that leads others when you're gone! Great Post Jeramy!

Sharon said...

I feel tired after reading that post! We need a day off!

The funeral was so very touching. I cried... I laughed... and I cried and laughed some more. It was truly touching.