Tuesday, February 24, 2009

faraway, so close....

ok...so, i know that i ripped off that title from a song by one of my favorite bands...but it seemed like the best way to describe something that i've been thinking about for awhile. ready?

how important is proximity...or geography let's say...to a close relationship?

is it possible to become close / remain close to someone that you don't see everyday? are the emotions of the heart linked to google earth somehow? or, can love conquer all...even the great divide?

don't we choose relationships based on who we come in contact with? isn't it a natural inclination for relationships to fade as the the smiling faces drift further away in the rear view mirror?

have you ever been super tight with someone that you work with...then once you or they move on to another job, the friendship just isn't the same? first you call less...then not all. and on the other hand, how many of you have friends that you've known a long time, that you still keep in touch with, no matter how long, or how far you've gone...it always feels like you pick up right where you left off?

it seems easier to be the one asking the questions today. not as easy for me to explain the answers in my own life. maybe it just comes down to a choice. but that choice can be a double edged sword....sweet for the chosen, and deadly for the left behind.

i'd love to hear your thoughts...take care.

less of me...


bronwenhealyhope said...

i am faraway but close to many people.....like you!

heart connections cover distance.


vsossaman said...

The the question I hear is friendship or relationship only for the close and convenient? I think not, we have friends that we have had for years, the feelings are just the same, we pick up conversations from the last phone call, just like we are not seperated. If relationships are only for the close at hand, and distance seperates for whatever reason, yes you can be sad for what was, but rejoice that there still is.

Cheryl said...

One of my all time favorite songs is "Friends" by Michael W. Smith. I have found it to be true that in the Lord, friends are friends forever!!! I have many friends that I have spent more time away from than we ever did together and yet that relationship is as dear and sweet as is was when we were together. But the connection is Jesus Christ.., not our jobs, or hobbies...

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" - ecc 4:12