Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hold on to the one you love

so...i've been called a 'chick-dude' before....and i'm ok with that i think. i didn't have any brothers growing up....it was just me and my sister so there's wasn't a whole lot of the typical 'brotherly' testosterone filled activities that usually surround male dominated families. my child hood was filled with movies like 'anne of green gables', and 'pretty in pink'. learning to cook and do laundry....that sort of thing. i did play baseball...and the drums....so i did have that going for me. :-)

any how....last night i made a last minute run to target to buy some AAA batteries for our tv remote....because...well.....we couldn't possibly get up to change the channels or adjust the volume by hand....and certainly couldn't watch tv without flipping through the channels during commercials. i know, it's bad. but, i went to target about 9pm...got the batteries....and some stuff for wednesday...and i thought...you know....let me see if i can find a new dvd to add to our collection. my wife had mentioned recently that we were due for a new movie. so i scoured through the movie section looking for the most 'chick-flick' movie i could find.

i ended up coming home with 'p.s....i love you'. not sure if you've seen it or not...but it's a year or so old...so i think it's fair game to talk about. the premise of the movie is basically this slightly neurotic / cute gal is married to this free, fun loving, passionate irish boy. they are dealing with making plans for their future (bigger apt., having kids)...and right in about the first 15 minutes of the movie...he dies from a brain tumor. no joke! gone. then as the movie unravels you discover how madly in love he was with her...and she, him. in preparation of his death (unbeknown to her) he had written a string of letters that would be delivered to her randomly in the months following his death. these letters were to help her...because he knew that she would have trouble moving on after his death.

the movie goes on into to other details...but i think the thing that impacted me the most. well. wait a sec....let me first say....that i don't get too emotionally involved with movies. i'm quite in touch with the fact that they are just entertainment. really. but last night...this movie just hit me the right way i guess...the stars were aligned. any way. the thing that impacted me the most is how both the main characters knew that the other was their true love. more specifically...how the husband (who spent most of his screen time in narrative and flash back scenes) so passionately loved and showed that love for his wife. she knew. because he showed her...every day. it was inspiring to me. as i sat their snuggled on the couch with my wife....she laid her head in my lap and i put my arms around her. i could feel her lean into me. it was like magic.

so, today....this is just a little encouragement....to hold on to the ones you love....really tight....so that there's no misunderstanding how much and how deeply you love them. not one of us know what tomorrow will bring...so let's make the most of today.

take care....


Sharon said...

I love you.

Nicholle said...

You shouda put a tissue warning in the text of this blog post. Not fair!!!

I just can't even type what is going through my head cause of the tears and I don't think my co-worker dude would appreciate the teas, sniffles and sobs that I need to stop from coming right now.

Thanks a lot J!!!

Nicholle said...

By the way,


bronwenhealyhope said...

oh my sweet brother chick dude.

i love this movie. i love your responses to the movie.

i saw what love really was through this movie (hollywood drama and all...)

Jeramy Sossaman said...

the funny part is that sharon said, 'he's going to die' in like the first 5 minutes of the movie. i said, 'WHAT!!! NO WAY!'

she was right. it was shot a little off kilter....but i liked it. cute story.

Pastor's Perspective said...

Thanks for the reminder J to acknowledge my wife and each day the Lord gives me for what they really are - gifts.

Natalie said...

I DID NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE!!! I am right there with you Picky!!! It DRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGGS on. I didn't even care for the ending WHEN it ended!!!
But, I DO love what you have taken from this movie. Your absolutely right. I am convicted this very minute. Thank you. I mean that. Not sarcastically. I truly from the bottom of my heart mean, thank you. (-;

Cheryl said...

As you can guess, I never saw the movie... but you're right, we should never take our loved ones for granted!