Thursday, January 22, 2009


you know what this means right?

that's right....LOST premier last night. amazing is all i can say. not even so much about the one (or two) episodes....but for me....more about the season starting up again. it's a comfort thing. all is well in the world now that LOST is back least until september when it goes off again. ahhh well....such is life. i couldn't let the day go by without commenting on the show. you know. if you missed can watch the full episode(s) here for free.

have a fabulous day. shout out to my boss and friend brad flynn....happy birthday brad! you're the best.


Sharon said...

happy birthday Brad!

James said...

Season 5 is going to be awesome! So anyone who is a Knicks/Rangers should know of Al Trautwig, he does commentary for Knicks and Rangers and is actually a Lost fan. He started this weekly video blog..Check it out: Lost

it’s really awesome! he talks about his theory on how the characters just keep reliving their lives and how he thinks that Miles is the son of Dr. Marvin Candle!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

awesome! thanks for the tip james!

Laura said...

We are LOST junkies too! We just got On Demand and now I can watch it whenever I want to. I'm so excited!