Tuesday, December 23, 2008

surf report: cowell's

so, i finally went surfing again. it's been almost 2 months since i've gone. that's a stinker. well....the day was pretty over cast until we hit the water, and then the sky opened up and the glorious sun came out. it was amazing. i did ok. i don't feel like i'm back in the groove yet....but it will come. remember, even a bad day surfing, is better then a good day working. it's true.

the water was super cold yesterday. well...maybe it wasn't any colder...but i certainly was. it's weird how your muscles react when they get cold. my arms felt like jello as i was paddling. maybe i'm not cut out for winter surf....but i'm not going to give up. i'll just pretend it's summer when i go out there. that's what i'll do.

despite the cold, it was a fantastic day. i love being out in the water. having the waves pick you up and propel you to the shore. it's magic. seriously a great way to start the holidays.

speaking of which....merry christmas to you all! i hope you have an amazing christmas and new years. see you soon....

OH! i almost forgot.

i'm playing a show on january 16th at 'cafe’ night at the rio' for all of you vacaville folks. a relaxing atmosphere of music and coffee sponsored by ’sounds of the nations-africa’ and ’the mission'. i’ll be playing songs from my cd as well as some new stuff that I’ve been working on. mark your calendar. i hope to see you there! 6391 leisure town rd., vacaville, california 95687. Cost: $5

ok...THAT's it.

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Natalie said...

I want to go. Would it be wrong if I was invited to do something else on this date but would rather go see you play??? This could be the excuse I was looking for... Besides I may not want to miss the chance of another "Looong Night."