Monday, December 22, 2008

i feel better

well...the last two weeks have sucked. i mean that in the very literal sense. i have been really sick and really busy, which is seriously a lousy combination. i think everyone would agree....whether you sing or not....having to do it with a cough and a cold is about the worst thing...especially if you have no choice. which i didn't. so, i'm relieved to feel a little bit more like myself.

so, let me catch up a little since i barely blogged last week.

1. i learned 2 new songs last week. and when i say learned, i mean....on monday, i didn't know them at all and by sunday, i had them memorized and performed them. lot's of work....but i was proud of myself.

2. i found out that my guitar that i love needed a major repair....didn't have the money....then divinely got the money....and now it's being repaired. i CAN NOT wait to get it back tomorrow!

3. i ruined a fantastic date opportunity with my wife....only because i'm a major dodo. i later apologized and made it right with her, but what happened later, was cooler....i'll come back to that.

4. i drank more throat coat and breath easy tea then any one person should.

5. i didn't drink coffee.......enough said.

it's a look back on this seems more positive then negative. and that brings me to point number 3. right in the middle of church on sunday, my pastor / friend / cohort started praying for the person that had lost the joy of christmas...and wanted to get it back.

WHAT? what did he just say????

that statement completely described me the last several years. i've gotten so overwhelmed and burdened with the holiday as i've grown into an adult, that i haven't even enjoyed it. i even told my wife that as far as i was concerned "christmas could just pass me right on by". that makes for un happy times for her especially...which kills me...but i just couldn't get out of my funk on my own. but all of a sudden...after hearing that word...i felt released! it was so amazing to know that god was speaking to my friend for me. amazing! no joke. so, i took that as an encouragement....a invitation to go ahead and change my well worn, green grinch underpants for a brand new pair of red, joyous, christmas boxers.

it's good to know that god can do anything in my life. not just hear it...but actually know it.

so, have a merry christmas! make sure and tune in tomorrow for a surf report and information about a gig in january....take care!

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Sharon said...

Ahhh... that was the sweetest blog ever! Well, almost ever... their have been a few.

I love you BIG!

That's super cool about the sermon!

Now I feel bad about the blog I'm going to post...
(I'll get over it.)

Carrie Hasson said...

glad you're feeling better, and to memorize two songs in the midst of it all- i'm impressed! have a Merry Christmas Jeramy!

Nicholle said...

You know what? You hide pain/sadness/grouchyness too good.

Sorry you were not feeling well and glad you are feeling better!

Your special music was GREAT!! You and Chelle make a great duo!!

Can't wait till Christmas Eve Service...

bronwenhealyhope said...

glad to hear are too good a person to NOT enjoy Christmas.

think about it: Jesus was born, so He could die, JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


i adore you sossaman crew!

Natalie said...

This IS SO GREAT!!! It makes me wanna HUG YOU!!! (-: Christmas is THE BEST!!! No more Ebeneezer! This is def one of my fav posts!

vsossaman said...

Welcome to the celebration of the birth of Jesus! Sorry you have been sick, glad you are better! I have missed your blog. So looking forward to hugging you soon.

Pastor's Perspective said...

BURN THE GRINCH UNDERPANTS J! (For many good reasons). NO GOING BACK! Humbled and happy to just be a small part of anything He does.

brittaney said...
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bronwenhealyhope said...

ps - love this smiling photo of you!

Caitlyn Turner said...

GREEN GRINCH UNDERPANTS... just the whole statement of well worn... I've got visual images... glad you've changed them out dude!! xxoo