Thursday, December 4, 2008

if i had 2 million dollars

ok...this is fun....but you have to just dream...don't be practical. it's ok...really.

if i had 2 million dollars i would....

pay off my house
pay any other debt i had
write a 100K check to my church
pay off my sisters house
pay off my parents house

buy a....
2 week trip to kauai
a month long trip to europe
new camera for sharon
lense(s) for sharon
gibson es-335
new computer for sharon ONLY
100 puzzle pieces

fix my guitar amp
fix my garage door
landscape my back yard
replace my windshield on my van

ok...that's it....what would you do?


Natalie said...

I would;

-Pay off my house

-Pay off Bart's truck

-Donate to church

-Donate to Kenya orphan fund

-Buy me a BRAND new 540

-Go to Portugal for 6 weeks!

-Go on a cruise to Alaska

-Trip for 2 to Hawaii on a resort

-Landscape my backyard (-;

-Put a new engine in the cutlass for Bart

-Go back to Nick in NY, & bring some friends w/ me, MY TREAT!

-Possibly add on to my house to extend the size of the kids bedrooms out towards the sideyard

-Remodel my kitchen

-New flooring

That's all I can think of for now!

Natalie said...

Oh, I also want to tour the rest of Europe; Paris, Italy, Rome, Spain, etc...

brittaney said...

pay off my student loans. pay off michelle's loans. pay off daniel's loans.

aaaand i'm out of money.

bronwenhealyhope said...

i will have to think about this one:
i am so moved that you would get 100 puzzle pieces...really.

you are a kind friend jeramy...of the faithful breed.

thank you

(would a trip to Australia for your family be possible???)

Gena said...

I would finally get to move to California!

Cheryl said...

I never realized how quickly I could go through 2 million bucks! Am I supposed to just dream? Or be practical? This is really stressing me out!

I would love to retire from the Air Force and buy a house,new cars, take a trip or 2- Europe, Hawaii, (and go to NY with Natalie!), etc.. BUT... I would probably need to invest some, pay off the car we have, buy a house and pay off Gerad student loans, etc..

Sharon said...

I'm gonna have to work this out...

Bron... a trip to Australia would be on the top of my list.

Nicholle said...

Oh this is fun!! This may be bad but I dream about this all the time...

Write a fat check to Church

Pay off school loans

Pay off all bills, car

Buy a huge piece of property and build a few houses on it, pool, garden, studio, rec room

Move Norman Family back to CA to live in one of those houses...

So many more things but that is more then 2 million...

So fun to dream...

Monika said...

I'll play! I would:

- pay off our house

- give an equal amount to our close relatives

- travel to Switzerland twice a year

- buy Brian his dream car

- send Brian on a liveaboard diving trip

- get the girls their own little house in the backyard

- buy all the kids clothes I like ;-)

- donate to WWF

bronwenhealyhope said...

oh thank you sharon..i was hoping so!

Mayra said...

pay off my student loans

buy a house

buy a car

donate money to passion and compassion intl

go to school forever

give it away

Chelle said...

No the real question is.... what would you buy US Mr. Richie Rich?

Pastor's Perspective said...

I would fulfill a life-long ambition. Ready? It's corny. I'm warning you. I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I told you!

alxart said...

FYI, you can only buy one... maybe 2 houses in California for 2mil.....grrrr


Denise Karis said...

awww, im a little late on this one, but still...

id travel around the world
buy a new house
buy my brother a house
invest into my photography biz
buy an old junk classic car for eric to restore