Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year! what's in store for you?

tis this season to write establish goals. while most will be focusing on who they're going to plant a big juicy wet one on as the ball drops tonight....i will be deep frying anything i can get my hands on while listening to the ever increasing volume of my kids. maybe i'll get a kiss too???? :-)

so, as i stare down the barrel of next year, i wonder to myself (and you) what will be different? i've recently been challenged by a friend to 'choose change if you really want it'. wow. 'choose change'. don't i do that? do i? or do i just choose to think about change...even admire i lean back and settle into the familiar?

i wonder what would really happen if i made real changes in my life in 2009? committed to being a better husband, friend, father, leader, follower. what if i stripped away that which adds little to my life while replacing it with the truly valuable, that i often skip out of a lack of time or energy or even concern?

tonight, as you celebrate...try to carve out a little time to remember your real purpose. remind yourself why you are here and what you have left to do. and if you aren't hitting the mark....change it! i'm with you...

less of me.


Cheryl said...

Great thoughts Jeramy!

Nicholle said...

Too much to think about right now! But thank you for getting the juices flowing!

Happy New Year!!

bronwenhealyhope said...

incredible wisdom there Jeramy..incredible (haha)

i mean that.

what i love is that you accept the challenges that are thrown your way and process them and then CHOOSE CHANGE...if you want to?

i am standing by you guys - across the oceans..

exciting year coming just is!

vsossaman said...

Good thoughts Jeramy! Hope you had a great new years day and the rest of the year will follow with many blessings and much joy!

Gena said...

God has really been dealing with me in this area. I have chosen to change some things and I refuse to look back. I don't like change much, but I must admit, when it is inspired by God it's pretty awesome.
This one is one of my favorites Jeramy. Great post.
Miss you guys.