Monday, September 29, 2008

my commute

ok...this is what i saw on my commute into work this morning. no bad for taking the picture while driving, huh? pretty amazing actually. the picture doesn't do it any justice. this is one of the benefits of commuting to work early in the morning aside from the fact that i get to be awake for 35 minutes without having to actually speak to another human being.

i was a little out of it while i was driving this morning, due to sleep deprivation...since our blessed 8 mo. old girl has decided to start waking up around 2:00 am for the last week or so.

we love her....a lot!

but now, as i sit at my desk with a cup of hot coffee, i have a little more perspective. :-) so, i think i'll just sit back and enjoy my coffee along with the beautiful sunrise that god made today...just something he threw together. that's how he rolls. :-)

alright...i'm done. check back in tomorrow...i've got something for all you lovers out there! cheers!

less of me...

oh...if you have a chance...go check out it got a face lift this weekend. let me know what you think!


Sharon said...

The kids were almost late for school today because of the clouds! We were standing in front of the school in awe of how lovely the sky was. Very much enjoying the gift God was giving us.

The punk... I mean, Maggie is sleeping right now.

I'm almost afraid for the blog post tomorrow......
just kidding!

Pastor's Perspective said...

So cool that you appreciated & reflected on what God gloriously created this morning! Way to remind us that a daily commute can be a great time to connect with our Father and appreciate the genius & magnitude of His splendor. When I see scenes like the one you captured, I just say, "Look at you." Ie. Look at what my Dad can do. Look at how faithful. Look at how powerful! These scenes just scream - "I AM"!

vsossaman said...

There is absolutely nothing like a glorious sunrise to start the day. Thanks for sharing!

vsossaman said...

Speaking of, I am so glad you used that picture, I was actually thinking the other day what a great picture that would be for your next CD cover!

Anonymous said...

You look like you're glaring at the sun or you look like you're concentrating real hard.

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing this photo... It just takes my breath away... This is the last comment I will be leaving on YOUR blog.

"I'm just sayin..."

Amanda Mays said...

Awesome picture! Some of my favorite times with god happen while commuting and enjoying the beautiful scenery he makes for us out the window!

Digging the facelift!