Monday, August 11, 2008

fat cheeks

i love soup.
it began as a child with clam chowder in a bread bowl out on the pier in san francisco and then matured into stews and vegetable soups. i could pretty much eat soup ever day. i love it.

two years ago while vacationing at our favorite spot, sharon and i had the idea of someday having a restaurant. that has always been a romantic ideal of mine. to own a restaurant. let alone in our favorite place on earth. does it get better then that? the unfortunate statistic is something like 80% of all new restaurants fail. not such a great notion of how to spend your life savings night at dinner while our family was talking about having our own restaurant, we came up with the idea of have a soup restaurant. someplace that you could get 10-20 different soups ever day. the kids all talked about how they would fit in the mix. brady wanted to be a waiter. mary rose wanted to wash dishes. funny stuff. but in the end, the biggest idea came from brady's recently deceased fish. as we were trying to come up with a name.....throwing out one after the next....brady finally spoke up and said, "how about 'fat cheeks'?"

we knew that we'd just experienced promotional gold. 'fat cheeks soup shack' was born. so...some day, if you're driving down beach drive and see a huge crowd of people around this restaurant with a big gold fish on the'll know where we are. maybe you can stop by and share your favorite soup recipe.


Carrie Hasson said...

what a great name! if it's a dream, why not follow it?
at church yesterday our pastor talked about living life on purpose, i think there's a lot to explore in that.

2 things (ok 3!) I know about Jeramy
soup+pie+beards= a happy camper

Pastor's Perspective said...

Hmmm..Soup....Gooooooood! I share your soupy devotion J. Sounds like a dream is being birthed. Fat Cheeks Cometh!

Natalie said...

Brady is SO creative! I really think he just gave you guys some "promotional gold!"
Fat Cheeks sounds yummy!
And since this is all just a dream so far, can I request some menu items?
~Split Pea Soup
~Some kind of 5 Cheese Soup
~Really yummy fresh baked bread!

Soup is a comfort food all the way!

wendyz said...

YUM! I will be there! Can you put Tortilla Soup on the menu?? I am coming tonight. Have Sharon call me about driving.

Natalie said...

Hey I just ate CREAMY tomato soup for lunch and it was DIVINE!
So I have another request for your menu, Creamy Tomato Soup! Not regular. Everything tastes better with cream in it!!!

Chelle said...

Before I COMMENT on your POST I have a question? Am I allowed to be mean to you on your BLOG?

Jeramy Sossaman said...

of course!

Pastor's Perspective said...

I want to be the inspiration behind one of your soups - alot of ham and cheese! Oh yeah, no bread.

Natalie said...

Ooooh Michelle what are you going to say that is mean???

Steve (is it now?)
How is ham & cheese an inspiration? Is that a german reference? Why no bread? Portuguese live for bread!!!

Sharon said...

And just for you Steve we will use Pam cooking spray in your soup.

Pastor's Perspective said...

Sharon - that hurt - A LOT. Just wait until you're old and gray, and trying to impress your spouse while stepping on to a highly slippery surface. I coulda broke my hip!

Pastor's Perspective said...

Okay Natalie - Let's talk about this a minute. Doesnt my wife always talk about what a ham I am? Is there another pastor on the globe who cheeses it up as much as me? And, "No bread" = No money. If you need an explanation for every COMMENT (Like that J?) we can't be friends. Translation: I'll always be 'PASTOR Steve' to you.

Gena said...

Wow sounds great Jeramy! Got lots of excellent soup recipes. Let me know when you want me to start sending them your way.

Natalie said...

STEVE- You know I think it was your recent 'fall' lately that has made you a bit bitter!!! HA! HA!
Also, I don't think I have ever heard Michelle say "he is a ham!" Just for the record!
So that was way over my head! I was trying to dig deeper into something that wasn't there... I can admit it... But since your recent 'ice-skating debut' I think your kinda mean.... I'm just sayin though... Maybe I would like Pastor Steve back he is MUCH nicer!

Sharon, GOOD ONE!!!! HA! Your SPUNKY!

Pastor's Perspective said...

Admittedly, I think I DID sustain a slight brain injury. I definitely know my pride was badly bruised.

Natalie said...

I just have a tip, Steve, maybe you can have Michelle go buy you some of those sticky-sand-papery, black things that people adhere to stairs and have them place in that "area." I think it is a wonderful idea!

Natalie said...

One more thing! Can I be the "SOUP NAZI?"


Chelle said...

WOW! I've missed so much. Where do I begin??

Steve - you did not admit that you were trying to "impress" me?!?! Still??? After all these years?? WOW! I feel so loved.

Sharon - you didn't even waste any time. You just went there. (that's why I love you.)

Nat - You're killing me. You have been out of control since your very first day blogging. But I think you may have possibly made others feel uncomfortable with your broad use of the word "area." But you're right. He has been cranky since the fall.

J - I've got nothing mean to say to you. Only nice things. I certainly don't want to provoke you so that you call me up yelling at me. I'm still trying to recover. (sniff, sniff - wiping the tear). Also, do Sierra and Drick read your POSTS??? They never COMMENT. Just curious.

Natalie said...

Okay, MY BAD!!! That was a broad use of the word "area". I will just go ahead and say area = shower... Michelle you forced it!
And yes I have been a "little" out of control since my first day of blogging. It is a cheap source of amusement... It entertains me without putting a dent in my checkbook!
J- I miss you... I think while you were surfing today this blogging world hasn't been the same... Something was missing... Its you... My NIZZLE! (0: (if you don't get that last part refer to Michelles latest post)

Lauren said...

So, I'm guessing Steve fell in the shower and told the whole congregation or something? I am so lost. But I appreciate some clarification on "area." I was concerned.

Sierra said...

MIchelle: I can't believe you threw your own sister and bubby under the bus like that.

Natalie: I was uncomfortable when you said area, ha!!!

Jeramy: Derrick and I love you!!!

brittaney said...

OMG. I love soup. I could bathe in it. I can't wait for you to open your restaurant.