Thursday, May 24, 2007


So, songwriting is a fun thing. Creating something out of almost nothing. Sure, the inspiration is there...whether you take it or not, but all in all it's a super rewarding process. I'm always amazed when a songwriter can say something, so simple, yet so true, and do it in a way that I would have never thought of, yet could's amazing! Any how, I'm a part of a community group that's been meeting at my house for 6 years or so and this last Monday we started writing a song about our group. We've all kind of latched on to the verse in Hebrews that encourages us to continue to meet together. So, I think our song will probably hinge around that. We didn't finish it yet....but we got a great start on Monday. It was fun, throwing out ideas, reading the bible together, strumming the guitar. Be sure and keep checking back in on our progress. I hope you're all encouraged! Take care and God bless...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! This could be our big hit! Just maybe we'll make enough money off this one and we'll all go to Hawaii! One a big fat Bible Study field trip!
What other Bible Study writes songs? We RAWK!!! ;-)

~ Sharon