Sunday, May 13, 2007

First time for everything....

Hey all...

So, thanks for those of you that llstened to my radio interview tonight....uh....i mean last know what I mean. Rockin' Ron was super great. Very nice, and promised to have me on again soon. He has been a huge supporter of my new record from the very begining., for those of you that didn't listen....let me just get you up to everything is going well....playing some songs....chatting it up....normal's where it got fun!

Ron: So, are you leading worship in the morning?
Jeramy: yeah, i am
Ron: I think you need some rehearsal.
Jeramy: huh?
Ron: Yeah....why don't you sing us a little bit?
Jeramy: what?

Now, let me remind you, I'm on my cell phone in my buddy Jared's pick up truck in the middle of downtown San Mateo, CA. Ok...back to our story already in progress....

Ron: Yeah, go ahead....sing a little bit of "The One"
Jeramy: Are you serious?
Ron: Yeah...go for it!

So there you have I can say that I've sang into my cell phone, on the radio. There's a first time for everything! :-)

Seriously, it was great. I got a chance to listen to Ron's program for a little bit before the interview and he was playing some really great songs, so I'd encourage you to check it out. He's on every Sat. night from 7:00pm to midnight (central time). You can listen online right here.

Cool....that's all, I'm off to bed. Take care....see you soon!



Nicholle said...

How cool! Lori called me last night at 10:30 our time. (Scared me to death- 12:30 EST) She and Tim stayed up to listen to your invterview and called because they are missing us all.

Very exciting stuff.
We are so blessed to have you for our worship leader.


Lori and gang!! said...

We are so proud of you!!! We almost missed the interview since it started were great, especially when he asked you to sing! We miss you and the gang and can't wait to hear you in person again during truly are the BEST! We love our church but can't wait to go home to FCC- see you in July!

We love you,
Love the Normans