Friday, December 29, 2006

Recording: Day 7

That’s me....through the blurry vision of a camera lens trying to see through the glass. I’m least I know. We finished up background vocals today. Well....ALMOST finished. I’ve got one song left to do and that’s it. There are some neat little musical things that we’re going to add....Masaki is going to do some string arrangements and we’ve got some drum loops to add in...but with the exception of that, we are done tracking! Today as I was singing with myself (that’s a weird phenomenon) I was trying to take it all in....listening to these songs. Trying to imagine how their going to sound once they’re all shiny and ready to go. I really can’t wait. Sharon and I have to get working on art....which will be tough considering that she’s got to work with my ugly mug. :-) But, she’s an amazing photographer, so I’m confident that it will be great. Any how, Jacob and I did good tonight. We were a lean mean recording machine....simply knocking down the songs like they were bowling pins...OK...I’m getting a little carried away. I’m tired. Cool...well, I’ve got another session on Saturday I think, so I’ll write more then. Thanks....see you later gator(s)!


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