Thursday, October 10, 2013

be patient

when i was a young boy, my mom used to sing the most annoying song to me.

i've tried to erase the melody from my memory banks, but i can't.

in general it said something about being patient.  and still to this day, anytime i am feeling impatient, or i am reminding my kids that they need to just slow down a bit and wait their turn....that STUPID song comes flooding into my head.

seriously....even as i type this i can hear it.

as i was sitting in my office today, i was thinking about how one of my co-workers needed to be a little more patient, guess what i started thinking about.....THAT'S RIGHT....that song that my mom used to sing.


in honor of my mother and the legacy this song has left on my life...I now present the song to you.  my friends.  so that it may also plague you and your children forever.  you're welcome.

who knew it was on youtube.  thank you internet.  enjoy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well son, I enjoyed that! Obviously you heard that alot since it is still with you :). The question is, did it work? mom