Friday, September 23, 2011


this morning as I drove into work with my son, I was overcome with how completely amazing our life is. it is so easy....I mean, like, with no thought or effort at all even after a big fat forget and to take for granted this life we have in the states. life is not meant to be easy. we are not entitled to anything...and still we (I) am gifted with so much...and this morning, as my son chatted with me about his latest blog post as we watched the sun come up I was reminded. but it's not enough to just be thankful for what we have. it can't stop simply with a blog post. the response needs to be an outpouring to be gracious to others. it can't just rest in our lap. it needs to go beyond us. 

that's it. I hope you're encouraged...have a great weekend.

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Mindy A said...

Highly encouraged J-Soss, I LOVE MY LIFE!!!