Thursday, July 28, 2011

for the night

it's hard for me to imagine once i'm outside of the moment why there's anything worth fighting with my beautiful wife about.  it's so unclear when i'm in the middle of it.  but it's at that point of realization when i stop defending myself and focusing on my own point of view that i remember how much i love her and how much more graceful and gentle she is then i, which then leads me to a strong desire to smack myself in the head with a strong "snap out of it" like cher in moon struck. 

words to live by....fight the problem, not each other.  remember to laugh at her jokes.  don't ever loose the flutter in your heart when she walks in a room...and when she cries....just hug her.  if i did this right all the time....well...i certainly wouldn't have need for this post.  i love you babe.  i'm sorry i'm a jerk sometimes.....this song says it better then i could.

music by laura reaux

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Sharon said...

Awww... Hunny! You are so sweet and wonderful!!! I love you! I love being married to you! Thank you! It does take two to tango... I'm sorry too.