Wednesday, February 9, 2011

words have power

i was talking with some friends tonight about how certain words hold more weight then others. do you agree with that? our history as a nation has enough verbal blemishes to even make the fcc continue to blush...or at least this very day because of this fact. why is that? what makes words so powerful? because...after all...they are JUST words...right?

i think words affect us so much because once they are can't take them back. they are permanent...forever...finite. you may be able to apologize for you words...and may even be able to forgive someones words...but they can never be erased. ever. this makes me think that maybe i need to be more careful with my own. thinking first and speaking after. what am i trying to say? STOP! be careful with the feelings of those around you. you'll be glad you did.

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Michelle R. Slape said...

Very well said. Thanks, Jeramy!