Wednesday, February 16, 2011

are you humble?

no. you aren't!

that was the reality i was faced with this morning as i listened to one of the podcast i subscribe to. do you cut in line at the grocery store? do you drive on the shoulder on the freeway only to cut in at the last second? do you walk quickly to the table at the restaurant so you can get the best seat? you do!!!!! I'M SO SHOCKED!!! not really....because i do too.

why do we do those things? it's simple...we do them because at our core we believe we are more important then everyone else. we are selfish people. all of us.

whoa! that's a little uncomfortable isn't it? it is for me too.

so, this makes me wonder to myself what things i can do different in my life to be more humble? not concepts...but real action steps? what would our world look like if everyone was more humble? how would that affect culture? entertainment? politics? the economy? it's an interesting thought, huh?

i'm going to try it...i hope you'll join me.

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shatkin said...

So what are the action steps? For me it is the power of pause. For every action we make in the moment, add a slight pause and ask God what he wants. Isn't this the premise of wwwjd? If we do this for even the seemingly insignificant desicians, just adding a half a second of pause, we find where humble lives.

Jeramy Sossaman said...

the action steps are what you are supposed to write in your comment.

shatkin said...

I was speaking rhetorically to the broader audience, You know like reading glasses on, looking upward, finger on chin type of question.