Thursday, September 16, 2010

soul mates

do you believe that's there's one person out there for you? one other person that completes you? did jerry maguire have it right?

the other day i found out that two old friends that had previously been married...then split up...are now married again. when i told sharon this great news i heard myself say "it makes sense...they're soul mates...they are supposed to be together". as i stared at the thought bubble with my words in the air over our heads i began to question if what i had just stated as fact was even possible? i mean, i understand that the romance of having a soul mate really works if you are with someone you love and stay with them...but what if you used to be with someone you really loved...split from them...and are now with ANOTHER that you also really love? maybe you can have two soul mates...or three? i wonder...

1 comment:

Sharon said...

YOU my love may only have one 'Soul Mate'.