Friday, September 10, 2010

me time

some people run. some people knit. some bake. others get my hair cut. :-) let me explain. for most of my life i was the guy that got his hair cut by his mom. yes, i just admitted that on the instrawebs....MY MOM CUT MY HAIR!!!! other then one small stint with a hair dresser girl friend. so, when my parents moved to another state a couple years back, i didn't know what to do. for about a year i shaved my head. good idea, right? i think the shaved head is something that every one should try at least once in their life...boys or girls. but after awhile, my beautiful wife gently suggested that i stop with the head shaving....immediately!

but what would i do? i didn't know how to get my hair cut by any one! i wouldn't even know how to communicate with a hair cut person!! ahhhh!!!!! the pressure of it all!!!!!

that's when sharon suggested i go to the gallery in suisun. i remember my response. "what! the gallery? isn't that a chick's place?" sharon assured me that boys could go there too. she even had a name for me. "go see amy" she said...."she'll take care of you"., i reluctantly made my first, i can say with confidence that i will never shave my head again! I LOVE GETTING MY HAIR CUT! first off, the gallery is in a beautiful location right in the heart of the marina in suisun....about a minute from my house. she washes my hair, i get a head massage...and then we got up stairs and look at the beautiful boats and water with the doors open, smelling the wonderful breeze...can you see it? i get a glass of wine....have a little girl talk (i can safely have girl talk since i'm married, right?) is totally relaxing. it's been about a year now that i've been getting my hair cut. maybe pedicures are think? or massages? i think i can used to being pampered once in awhile....

have a great day!

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