Friday, December 4, 2009

surf report: cowell's beach...full moon, new moon?

all right...on thursday we set out for our annual full moon surf. we were all really excited. only a couple times a year does the right tide show up at our spot when it's a full moon. then you can get out there right about sunset and surf by the light of the silvery moon. doesn't that sound awesome! it is!

i had been super busy all day, so i was really looking forward to some relaxation in the water. even right up until i hopped in the water, i was emailing stuff for work on my's crazy the world we live in huh? so, me and the boys got was great...not too many was my favorite time of day. that midway point after the sun has gone down but it's still light outside. i love that!

i was out on the water waiting for the next set when i heard "hey sossaman!" WHAT??? it was my good friends michela and ethel. they both started surfing a few months back and they decided to come out and join us for the night surf. it was awesome! we were having a blast....surfing....laughing....hootin' and hollering....waiting for the moon to come up.....and waiting....and waiting. ok, at this point it's dark. like night. and the little spot over the hill where the moon should be rising is totally empty. so, our full moon surf, turned into a no moon surf. ha!!!

but the joke was on us, because after we had gotten out, dried off, and headed to dinner....all of a sudden....THERE WAS THE MOON! how did we miss it? oh was still a blast....full moon or no moon. maybe next year we'll get our timing right. more thing...if you haven't voted for sharon yet in the Matilda Jane PHoTo LoVe contest....please do it before Dec. 6 at midnight. VOTE HERE. THANKS!

have a great weekend....

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Lailah said...

Yo, yo, yo,-you surfer!