Tuesday, September 8, 2009

william jessup university - jason squires NEW release

hey guys...wanted to touch base and let you know about a gig i've got on friday of this week. i will be opening up the night for my good friend jason squires as he releases his 3rd record entitled 'renewed'. jason is a fantastic guy, and i'm absolutely positive that you will enjoy yourself if you come...not to mention i'll be there playing some songs off of my record which you can get right here if you don't already rock it in your car or ipod or iphone on a regular basis...not to mention a couple of new songs that you might not have heard before. i'm just saying...you'd better be there. you know how sensitive i can be. :-) admission is free...doors open at 7pm and i go on at 7:30pm. you can get more info (like directions and stuff) on jason's website.

cool! see you there!

less of me...

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