Friday, August 7, 2009

someone who's on my side

do you ever feel like you are fighting against the world? like your life is an uphill battle of the most epic kind?

how do we get to that place?

how do we go from hopeful and content in one moment, to fending off the arrows and spears of catastrophe in the next? is it us....or is it everyone else?

over the last couple years i've noticed this cycle...which, considering that....makes me think it's me....which feels less then beautiful!

why, oh why does life need to be complicated? why can't it be easy and simple, like an episode of 'the brady bunch'? no fuss, no mess, no complication.

i think what probably makes the whole thing even do able is if we've got someone there with us that has our back...all the time. if you've got that person....or if you are that person....hold on tight! it's sacred, and special....that connection that you have. defend it at all costs...because there will be more than enough people out there that will try to knock you down....and you'll need someone who's on your side.


sarah said...

amen to that image too :)

Addie said...

True that, my friend. But remember, even the Brady's had an "Alice"! ;-) By the way, my maiden name is Brady.