Thursday, July 9, 2009

surf report: cowell's

whoohoo! made it out to cowell's with all the brood this time. yes, that's beautiful wife and 4 "wonderful" children got up at 4 something am to go surfing with me. no complaints either. best quote of the day was from the muffin. when i asked the kids if they enjoyed coming to the beach with me...she said " favorite part was waking up when it was dark time."

so, i surfed and they watched from the cliff. sharon snapped some photo's, which i'm sure you'll see at some point. good day. warm water....a TON of people....probably 100 or better in the water, which makes catching a wave a bit like rush hour traffic on the freeway, but still amazing!

after that, we stopped by my 2nd favorite breakfast place in santa cruz for a bite to eat. we also got to meet up with the amazingly talented michelle riddle. another great photographer friend that we met through mera and brian. we had a blast catching up with her!

then, off to do a quick architectural photo shoot in mountain view. this was actually round 2. we shot the space already, but some new design elements had been installed that our customer wanted us to! sharon rocked that and then we headed back to the office so i could finish up my day and sharon could head home.

on the drive home i was reflecting about how really super duper blessed we are. we live in such an amazing part of the country. i am still gainfully employed in the midst of this crazy economy, while god continues to grow our photography business in ways we never expected....not to mention....our family is so awesome! my cup was know what i mean? it was a great feeling.

i hope that you can take some time today to really see all the ways that you've got it made. it will give you some good perspective for sure. take care!

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Carrie Hasson said...

there's just something about getting up early and packing in a day, with family, friends & things you're passionate about...a good day indeed!