Thursday, May 14, 2009

destiny calls finale of LOST last night. i can't believe it. first off...2 hours. life almost doesn't get any better then that. i remember sitting, watching at 9:56pm telling sharon, "they've only got a couple minutes to fix a whole lot of stuff" and then.....poof....a whole nutha hour. before i knew it, it was 10:45pm. i am a serious candidate for the dvd series. if i wasn't so broke i'd buy them all and just watch them every night. ok....i'm showing out a bit huh?

ok. so....i was totally un-expecting of the hyper emotional juliette / sawyer fair well. i was crying! no joke. i guess i just didn't get the depth of their connection until that very moment....maybe they didn't either? maybe that was the point? but, i loved how juliette was the sacrificial lamb. i mean....sucked down the still live....all broken and battered.....and then get to beat the crap out of the 'H' bomb until it exploded....(how did jack forget to change the settings???? it was supposed to explode on impact!) but, in the end, it seemed fitting. juliette was always the one that seemed to be the martyr. maybe that was her role? maybe that was her destiny? which brings me to my you believe in destiny?

do you believe that there is one pathway....already set out for you....and your journey in life is to just get to that pathway....and once that happens, it's all down hill from there. do you believe that? i don't know.....maybe that's the case.....or maybe....just maybe.....our destiny is the why and not the where. maybe it's more about how we do what we do and not what?

either's going to be a long time until next january! dang it! maybe i will get the dvd.....

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Katrina said...

I never get to watch it when it broadcasts since it comes on during toddler bedtime, so I watch it online.

It's been a great season, right? I can't wait for the next/final season so I can see how all the "up in the air" stuff plays out. How did the statue become just the foot? What really happened to Juliette (was it the bomb, or another time shift)?

I guess the waiting for the next season will give us plenty of time to get caught up on BSG, my other TV obsession. ;-)