Thursday, April 2, 2009

East of Western: Recording post 1

so...i we actually started work on our new record about a month ago. now, let me state without confusion that east of western doesn't act like a real band. we don't rehearse. we rarely gig. but boy if we did....look out! so, our alternative is to record a bunch of new songs and release them so people can continue to ask us when our next show is, and we can continue to say, "i dunno".

the first thing that happens are drum, that means me. the studio is in mountain view, which is about an hour away from my office....and we can only really start around 6pm...which means that we all get to work all day and then go into the studio for 4 or 5 hours which makes for a pretty long day....but hey....we love the rock n' roll.

on monday we fixed some junk that i messed up at the last session and then tracked a couple other of the songs we did was called 'diamonds'. it's a really cool song. i had what i thought was this fantastic idea about an overdubbed drum track, and then i'd go back over it and record a heavier part on top. well....we spent all this time doing the overdub (which came out really good), and then i started recording the heavier part...and as i did i realized how heavy the song was actually going to be and then realized that the overdub wouldn't work at all. awesome! that's just the way it goes sometimes in the wonderful world of rock!'s a pic from the session. more later....

take care!


Anonymous said...

Very cool to hear the process! Thanks for sharing.


Mary Marantz said...

that's so cool! I think it would be amazing to be a recording artist and go into the studio! secretly, I've always wanted to be a country star...too bad I can't sing!