Monday, March 2, 2009

is it really you?

i've been sick for almost a week now. after singing most of the morning yesterday, i officially sound like a toad today. it's pretty funny actually. i love to have people ask me if i'm sick. then i get to tell them that it sounds worse then it feels. reassuring them that i don't typically sound like this.

this got me thinking about how sometimes, what we put out to others isn't always true to who we really are....or sound like in my case. for example, i think that i'm a really open, easy going person. ready and willing to talk or listen to anyone about anything at anytime. sounds too good to be true huh? where the breakdown comes is when others don't quite share the opinion that i'm sooo approachable. in fact, if i'm honest with myself, i'd admit that while i'm an open book once people get to me...getting to me isn't always so easy...i may even put a few intentional road blocks in their way.

the fact is, if the message i put out doesn't jive with the experience people have with me, then i can pretty much kiss any possible trust goodbye. know what i mean? take a look at yourself. are you really playing the part that you've written for yourself? would others write your sequel the same way? take a look.

less of me...

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Sharon said...

It makes me kinda wonder what people think of me. I may think I'm one way and who knows if that's what people actually see...
Good things to think about!