Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm reading so much about people making goals for 2009. I think that's great. I do! In fact, I've done it before. But this year just seems different. Seems less like the beginning of something new and more like the continuation of something i've been in for awhile now. When did I become so 'half empty'? Don't answer that. :-)

But seriously....how do you feel? What's your inspiration right now? Is 2009 going to be big stuff for you?


bronwenhealyhope said...

less of you and more of Him and something new just is, it just happens, He doesn't leave us how He found us when we seek Him & lay ourselves down.

He is BIG Jeramy Sossaman...TREALLY BIG!

lift your eyes up and off your "circumstances".....Isaiah 43:18,19.

love you loads

Carrie Hasson said...

yes a continuation of sorts, but i think the idea of a new year also brings hope...
new, better than before, one more year of wisdom and knowledge. so it's a new year, but it's also just another day- it's all how you look at it :)