Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i was asked to come and lead worship at discovery christian church last weekend. this was my second time going out there. our fantastic friends vince and dawn go to church there and recommended me to their pastor. they did 'church in the park', which basically means that we met outside and then had a bbq after wards. typically i do this sort of thing by myself or brady and i will go together....but sharon and the girls came down this time too. that was really cool! i sang some songs, met some really nice folks, heard an inspired word by pastor john, and enjoyed some bbq. the food was great. not quite frank t's level....but very good. and free! :-)

i really enjoy visiting new places. churches especially. i love seeing how people do things differently....and yet how we're still all the same. our identity isn't found in our differences but rather in jesus. that's a cool thing.

you can find out more about my music here. thanks for the support!

oh! also....prizes for the 100th blog post contest went out this week! congratulations again to our two winners, maggie and steve. great job guys! cool...have a great week. see you soon!

less of me...


bronwenhealyhope said...

like i said my dear friend...i think you all better get used to God using you ALL (as in my entire NorCal family) in different ways...things will never be "the same" again. be sure of it.

less of you indeed.

proud of you.

i mean check us out: off to day at Copelands today - of course (haha) and Chicago tomorrow ----listening to Hello LOVE the whole way! really.....(am i obsessed??)

Gena said...

If the Sossamans ever want to visit Virgnina you have a place to stay!
Glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

did you see any single men at Discovery?

Glad you all had fun.

Anonymous said...

I did it again. That was me asking about single guys... ;)


Chelle said...

You darn well better lump US into that Bronwen Healy! And as for you J --- I'm glad you had a nice time. And I mean that with complete sincerity. (are you buying that???)

John said...

Wow! You keep changing your look to your blog.

Btw... use any other rss readers?

Cheryl said...

I keep telling you to come visit here... You could be having bbq'd moose burgers, and of course, the worship is great too!

Sharon said...

It was a very fun day.

Natalie said...

Sounds fun!

bronwenhealyhope said...

michelle..of course I mean you---you are the REASON i have a NORCAL family in the first place...remember Main St Disneyland!???????? haha.

love you.

i am just SURE God has some stuff to do with y'all (can you tell I am in Teaxs!?????)

miss you guys.

Chelle said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me Bron.