Friday, August 8, 2008

how do you spell that?......a bloggers tool

well...after hundreds of e-mails and requests i'm finally going to give you the official spelling of all of those favorite sounds that we all make but have a hard time spelling. you know what i mean? like how do you spell a gasp? or a shriek? you may want to bookmark this post to refer back to it in the future. enjoy!

ehhhh - "what?"
haauh - "i could care less"
ewwww - "gross"
beoing - "a gun firing" or "a ball bouncing on someones head"
whapchst - "a whip crack"
ehheh - "no way!"
huuah! - "gasp"
ahahaaha - "filter"
shhhh - "close your pie whole..."
shhhehehh - "close your pie whole...NOW!"
uhuhh (staccato) - "i don't believe a single word that is coming out of your mouth"
pthueth - "the raspberry sound"
heeehemmm - "clearing your throat"
thfssskk - "bring me the wiskers please"
hrrreerrrr, hrrreerrrr - "the sound of the smoking loon"

happy friday. have a great weekend!


Gena said...

I'm impressed Jeramy. This is seemingly worthless info that may actually come in handy sometime.
Great stuff!
Hope things are great with you guys.

Natalie said...


Pastor's Perspective said...

Congratulations J! You have the gift of interpreting TONGUES!

Cheryl said...


great information...I'll certainly keep for future reference...

Chelle said...

THANK YOU!!! FINALLY!!! How long have I been asking you to handle this?? But - um - HELLO - there is still no reference for a gasp. I'll continue to wait.

Chelle said...

My deepest apologies. There is a gasp. And after practicing it a couple of times - I have to say you are right on the money. I like it.

Sharon said...


My favorite!

Natalie said...

I have just thought of a new one! Please add it just for me!


If you have no idea what this means your going to have to watch "Blazing Saddles". Mel Brooks says it, since he is the "GOV."