Tuesday, July 15, 2008

is jesus enough?

so i realize that many of you that read this may not be into the whole jesus thing. i get that. i know that some of you are. some may be searching or indifferent...i like you guys too. but what i wanted to talk about is something we can all relate to...i hope.

loss is the part of life that we all have experience with, yet rarely want to talk about face to face. it's amazing really, as different as humans are from each other, you'd think that one of the common denominators would be a topic that would often rest in the forefront of social discussion, but the byproduct of loss i think keeps the conversation at a distance...or at least, a minimum.

it usually catches us off guard. the loss of a job, theft in your house, the innocence of a child robbed by a monster, unexpected death, a seemingly fun evening gone array, a goodbye letter from your spouse. single events that in an instant, change our lives. we can't predict it. we can't monitor it. it just is.

so how do we cope? if we all experience loss, how do we get through it?

some attempt to eliminate the pain by self medicating.
some seek out people or even pay them to talk it out with us.
others just ignore the elephant that's taken up residence in the living room.
and still some look to something bigger then themselves. a lifestyle. a community. a creator.

whatever you run to for rescue from loss....you have to believe that it's enough to help. otherwise you're kidding yourself and wasting your time. in my life, when loss has shown up unexpectedly at my door, i rely on my faith and believe that jesus is enough. i believe that he created the world and me, and knows me completely and fully...and that he is enough for anything that comes my way. he does this because he loves me...and he loves you too. be encouraged.

take care.


Pastor's Perspective said...

Great & important universal topic. Because Jesus was fully human and experienced real earthly living, He understands what we go through down below. He was well acquainted personally with loss. The great part is, not only does He relate to our pain, but by His Spirit provides immeasurable comfort and inner peace throughout it. That's a great Father! Nobody loves and understands their kids through the tough stuff like a parent. Again, great topic.

Sharon said...

Who knows where I'd be without my Heavenly Father.

vsossaman said...

Well said Jeramy!

Chelle said...

He has MORE than proven that He's MORE THAN ENOUGH for me. Thanks for today's post.

Natalie said...

This is pretty good Mr. J!!! I have a question for you. Are you also challenging people who believe "in medicating loss in other ways" to search those since "they have to believe in whatever it is?" Because if they do, they will discover that there is no way that provides REAL hope except through Jesus... I like your blog (-: Way to go deep!

Lauren said...

Wow, this is the first time in months I've seen your blog on a real computer, it looks so different on my blackberry screen!

Anyway, good stuff as always, J. When talking about this sort of thing though I always feel it's important to point out that things like counselors and our loved ones are resources provided by God. Of course self-medicating is no good and in all things we need to seek and rely on God above all else. But I know when I first moved out here and didn't have any solid Christian community yet, I really struggled with feeling like maybe I shouldn't need other people because Jesus is supposed to be enough. But after enough time in prayer, in the Word, and seeking good Christian counsel I was able to see the truth that God created us to be in community. He made us to need each other and to be needed! From the very beginning he said it was not good for man to be alone! Jesus is so much more than enough, he gives us everything we need, including each other. Of course like Natalie said, nothing provides REAL hope unless it's through Jesus, so He must always be the foundation! He is infinitely creative in how He meets our needs and desires. How awesome is it to think of infinite creativity?! Beyond what even the most imaginative person in the world can comprehend!

Sorry to be so wordy... and to plagiarize recent sermons... but like Steve said, this is such a great and universal subject it's easy to get excited! Plus I'm a little over-excited about being able to comment on a real, non-QWERTY keyboard :)

Gena said...

Thanks Jeramy,
You will never know how much this message meant to me today.

Cheryl said...

Another great, thought provoking post... life can be so hard! I don't know how people who do not have the hope and comfort Jesus provides manage to get through tough times!