Monday, June 16, 2008

All the things you've taught us...

That's the title of my new book! Yes, I've taken a step away from music and turned to the world of writing. Ok, I'm just kidding. Actually, that IS the title of my new book, however it's a book written by my wife and kids. They gave it to me for Father's Day yesterday and it now holds the prestigious award as the best gift I've ever received. No kidding.

The book is full of pictures that Sharon has taken over the years with cute little captions that talk about the things that the kids have learned from me. That's kind of a scary premise to a book huh? Things that I've taught my kids. I've got to admit, I was a little leery to open it when I saw the title...but knowing my wife, I knew that she probably only included the good things. :-)

As we sat on the couch reading through the book, there were several times that I had to fight back tears. I know, I'm getting really sappy in my old age, but it really is an emotional thing to take into account your life and family and hear in their own words what you mean to them. If you've yet to experience it...bring some tissue, it will save a trip.

Since you'll probably never see my book in person, I've taken the liberty of highlighting a few of my favorite passages....

" taught me that having your own style is cool...and that flip-flops and shorts can be worn all year long...that boys have to stick together...and most important, that I can do anything I want to do, if I set my mind to it." - Brady

"some boy may sweep me off my feet someday, but I'll always remember that my poppa loved me first." - Mary Rose

"Poppa teaches me: to go on to get the hair out of my to not be scared of to go on the ceiling (????)...and that his arms are always a safe place" - Jane

"Poppa teaches me that our family is a safe place to grow and explore...and that I'm special no matter what. Oh...and when in doubt...stare." - Maggie (via Sharon)

My beautiful, creative, thoughtful wife assembled all of these quotes along with fantastic pictures that I will treasure forever. Thank you so much for the best gift ever! I love you very much.


Chelle said...

It really was the best gift ever! You've got yourself a real jewel J!!! But I know you know that!

Sharon said...

WOW! Best gift EVER?? Thats pretty cool!

You deserve it!

Nicholle said...


Needed the tissue jsut reading this!

How sweet!

Pastor's Perspective said...


Though I didnt personally make it in the book, here's what you taught me:
If I forget to turn on my microphone, you don't yell. You just make dirty faces at me from the sound booth.

Ahhh. I need a tissue.

Amanda Mays said...

shoot I thought I commented on this already! Hope you had a fantastic day you good daddy you! Love the book! You are very lucky to have that amazing wife and kids of yours blessed indeed!

Btw it's the 20th... New post already geez!